Polite, Professional, and Prepared to Act

Ranch and Rural Security Operations

Ranch and Rural Properties Security and a World Wide Quick Reaction Force.

Uniformed Armed Security

AntiTerrorism / Force Protection

Executive Protection and P.S.D.

Defense, Weapons and Tactical Training

Free Phone Consultations

Operations Anywhere

We can go anywhere the U.S. State Dept. will allow us to and address your security needs through consultation or operations.

Superior Training

Our Instructors are military combat vets, veteran police officers and high risk security contractors with operational experience applying the skills they teach under real world, life or death, conditions.


T1SMG Investigators and Corporate Intelligence Specialist can go anywhere needed or directed to collect, process and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. .
T1 Special Missions Group provides Tier one security options to clients who have, or anticipate having, risk management concerns or special threats best managed by highly trained, experienced and capable professional security specialists. T1SMG's blend of law enforcement and military professionals provides us with the ability to design custom strategic solutions for our clients in all areas of security and safety. We provide the highest level of legal, moral, and ethical standards in our service. We conduct our operations and training by partnering with our professional associates including Ronin Initiatives L.L.C. License # C-16703, TX Bounty Hunters, and Global Wire Systems License # C10960 among others.
STRENGTH HONOR LOYALTY Call us (512)800-5147 or email us at levig@t1smg.com